Monday, December 20, 2010

Facility settings in blogger (part1)

Tutorial Blog | You feel less satisfied with the default blog settings? You can change these settings to your liking, so it will feel satisfied. As a reference material for you beginners (like me), tutorial blog will discuss about the facility settings in blogger.

  • Please go to
  • Then login with your ID
  • Appears dashboard, and click "settings"
  • Visible tabs as follows:

In the basic settings:
  • Blog Tools:
    • Import Blog >> This is a facility to import blog data (such as posts and comments) in computer, which had previously been in the export of these blogs to computer.
    • Export Blog >> This is a facility export blog data posts and comments to computer.
    • Delete Blog >> This is a facility to delete your blog.
    Facility from Blog tools can also backup data on your blog.
  • Title: Enter your title blog, e.g. Tutorial Blog | Tips SEO | Make Money Online
  • Description: Fill out the description of your blog, e.g. This blog about tutorial blog
  • Add your blog to our listings?: Leave the default option yes
  • Let search engines find your blog?: Select yes, so that your blog indexed by search engines
  • Show Quick Editing on your Blog?: Leave the default option yes
  • Show Email Post links?: If you want to blog visitors to easily send emails to their friends about your blog, then select Yes. But if not, please select No.
  • Adult Content?: If the contents of your blog about things adult. such as postings, videos, and images that contain adult content that is not safe for small children's access, then select yes, but if not, please select No.
    For the record, if you choose yes, when it comes to accessing your blog, it will show a warning that the blog contains adult content.
  • Select post editor: I recommend select Updated editor
  • Enable transliteration?: Select enable if you want to post editor in transalateration Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu. But if not, please select disable
  • And then click "Save settings"

This facility to change your blog domain name with your own domain name in custom domain, e.g. become

It could be to replace the URL, but still with your domain, e.g. become

Do not modify the settings here, if you do not have a new domain. For a tutorial how to custom domain on blogger, you can read in the post how to custom domain on blogger.


In the formatting settings:
  • Show at most: Enter the number of posts you want in the show on the main page of your blog. For option, select the posts not days
  • Date header format: Select date display format that you like
  • Archive Index Date Format: Select the blog archive date display format that you like
  • Timestamp Format: Select the time display format that you like
  • Time zone: Select the time zone where you are, e.g. you are in Jakarta, then select the (GMT +07:00) Jakarta
  • Language: Select the language of your blog
  • Convert line breaks: I recommend select option yes
  • Show Title field: I recommend Yes
  • Show Link fields: Up to you select Yes or No
  • Enable float alignment: Select Yes, this is so that the image can be adjusted its position in the post. However, this option may interfere with the look of your blog, so select No
  • Post Template: This is a facility for the template of post will always be there when you create a new post.
  • And then click "Save settings"
To be continued..... please read the following posts, namely Facility settings in blogger (part2).

Happy Blogging!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is meta tag?

Description meta tags is used to provide an overview of the contents of your web pages. Its size is recommended no more than 200 characters.

Syntax of description meta tags:
<meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='Fill your blog description'/>

Examples of writing description meta tags:
<meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='Tutorial blog | personal blog that aims to learn and share. And as the online media that contains about: tutorial blog, how to create a blog, making money from blogging, SEO tips, making money online, free blogger templates, etc.'/>

Keyword meta tags is very important presence, because determining what keywords to find the web page on search engines.

Syntax of keyword meta tags:
with a comma:
<meta content='KEYWORDS' name='Keyword1, keyword2, keyword3'/>

or without a comma:
<meta content='KEYWORDS' name='Keyword1 keyword2 keyword3'/>

Examples of writing keyword meta tags:
<meta content='KEYWORDS' name='tutorial blog, create gmail account, how to create blog, making money from blogging, making money, business online, tips SEO, tips trik blogging, blogger templates, free blogger templates, blog optimization, promotion blog, SEO guide, adsense guide, create blog '/>

Please note...
In the meta tag keywords, should not be repeating the same word too many. And also do not create keywords that have nothing to do with a web page or blog, because it is considered spamming by search engines. e.g. your website or blog contain about computers, do not give the keyword "celebrity" "mp3".

Happy Blogging!
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Link Exchange

Tutorial Blog | Link exchange is an activity where the bloggers exchanged links or addresses of other bloggers blog in their respective blogs. This activity was beneficial, because it can establish Hospitality fellow bloggers and also raise our ranking in Search Engines. This is in order to optimize blogs as well.

Come on guys, we exchange links with one another. Please attach the link Tutorial Blog on your blog. After that, give comments on this post. And soon I will put your link.

Thanks before, establishes a good relationship between bloggers.

The following commentary format:
The title of your blog:

Your blog URL address:

Tutorial Blog

This link Tutorial Blog:
<a href="" target="_blank" title="Tutorial blog | Tips SEO | Making money online">Tutorial Blog</a>



Happy Blogging!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The simplest SEO Techniques

Tutorial Blog | In the previous post, I provide a discussion about what is SEO. Before I continue, this SEO techniques in designated beginners (like me). For the master SEO, please correct if there are errors in this technique, hehe :)

This SEO technique is the most basic SEO knowledge. So for you newbies, in this post is a great place to add your knowledge of SEO, hehe. But from this basic SEO knowledge, you can develop the techniques of SEO according to your tastes.

Okay, let's start learning SEO techniques is the most simple.

  1. ON PAGE SEO (SEO techniques that exist in a website or blog)
    • Determine the appropriate description meta tag content of your blog:
    • e.g.
      <meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='Tutorial blog | personal blog that aims to learn and share.'/>
    • Determine the Appropriate keyword meta tag content of your blog:
    • e.g.
      <meta content='KEYWORDS' name='tutorial blog, create gmail account, how to create blog, making money from blogging, making money, business online, tips SEO, etc '/>
      Make it more clear about the meta tag, read my post about what it is meta tag.
    • optimize the blog title with the keyword that you shoot
    • e.g.
      Tutorial Blog | Tips SEO
    • optimize your post title with the keyword that you shoot
    • e.g.
      How to create blog
    • In every post you make, try to have keywords in the first 200 words
    • Distinguish words that contain the keyword with another word. For example, use bold, italic, quotation marks ( " ), underline, <h1></h1>, and bright colors
    • Register your web or blog in search engine
    • Register also in the social bookmarking
  2. OFF PAGE SEO (SEO techniques that are outside the web or blog)
    • Link exchange with another website or blog
    • Perform regular backlink, blogwalking way, give a good comment on other blog postings. And do not forget to give proper anchor text
    • Often give comments on the web or blogs that do follow
    • Advertise your website or blog on a site with high PR
    • Advertise your website or blog on free classifieds site, but do not at once, because it will be considered spamming by search engines
    • invent (one way backlink) to another website or blog postings that have the same topic
Similarly, a simple SEO techniques that I give. Wait for the next post about SEO techniques from me. Thank you for reading :)

Happy blogging!
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What is SEO?

Tutorial Blog | SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a knowledge which studies the ways that a website or blog with a particular content can be indexed to maximum at various search engines like google, yahoo, msn, ask, etc.

Search engine is like a newspaper or magazine where the information or advertisement. Each search engine has different rules in arranging any of our blog content into. In terms of programming, search engine is an algorithm.

For novices in the world of blogging and the web. Required to apply SEO on your blog or web. You'll want, the web or your blog a lot of visitors.

Below are the lists SEO tutorials and SEO tips: 
  1. The simplest SEO Techniques
  2. What is meta tags?
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Tutorial Blog | Tips SEO | Making money online

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How to create blog post

Tutorial Blog | In the previous post, I have given on how to create a blog in For those of you beginner in the blogging world, must wonder what will be done after creating the blog.

So what to do?

Thing to do is create blog post.

How do make a post?

Step 1
Please login in

Step 2
Dashboard display appears like this:

And then click "New post"

Step 3

  • Enter your post title in field "Title"
  • Fill your post categories in field "Labels" e.g. Tutorial
Step 4
Then click "Preview" to see your post before it was published. This serves to check, whether this post is perfect? whether the spelling of the words is good? etc

Step 5
And the last step, click "Publish post"

Your Blog post published!

Happy writing and happy blogging!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to create blog in

Tutorial Blog | What is Blog? 
Blog is a new trend in the digital age, from all walks of life can enjoy, with a variety of purposes such as, commercial, personal, or a particular organization. In the blog, you can share experiences, vent, making money from blogs, and so forth. Already many people are successful because of a blog. So, now our turn to achieve success through blog.

You are a beginner (like me also beginner) wanted to create a blog easily and for free? In this post I will give the tutorial is easy and free way to create a blog in

How to create a blog in
One of the free blog providers that are very popular is the If you create a blog through, then you get a sub domain Example:

Okay, below is how to create a blog on

Step 1, Creating email
You create a blog must have an active e-mail, can be of yahoomail, gmail, etc. If not, I recommend making an email account from gmail, why gmail? because has been purchased by google, so it's easier than from yahoomail or another (Read this post: Create gmail account).

Step 2, Create blog in
  1. Please login in
  2. Then please visit
  3. Click "Get Started"

  4. Enter your display name e.g. Blog Indonesia
    • Tick Email notification
    • Tick Acceptance of Terms

  5. Enter your Blog tittle e.g. Tutorial Blog
    • And enter your Blog address (URL) e.g. miftah-tutorial-blog
    • Then click "Check availability"
    • Then click "Continue"

  6. Select the template as you like and then click "Continue"

  7. Your blog has been created! and click "Start Blogging"

Happy Blogging!
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